VK SALON’s Katrina Bergsma


Thank you to a wonderful person on our Moonshine Mollys team, Katrina Bergsma, our hair and make up artist and Phototog when Cassandra can’t be behind the camera! We just finished another shoot with her at Yeosmith Studio. Can’t wait to show you the finished work!  We would like to thank her for all her support and encouragement in making us look and feel our best. In all of our promo material she is the one behind us doing all the hard work.

VK Salon is our biggest Sponsor of all. Katrina and her mom, Valerie Bergsma run VK Salon located at 203 View Street. It is a fun, welcoming and private environment offering specialized Hairstyling, Esthetics, Spa Therapies and Nail Treatments in Nanaimo, BC.

VK Salon - Katrina

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