Welcome Moonshiners!

We are sorting out all our performance dates, website, blog, facebook page and life itself! Hope you keep up to date with us as we grow together and get better and better every time we play. Loved seeing everyone at our first show together last Saturday. Much love to you all. We will keep you posted on all that we do, but if you would like to subscribe to the blog, you will get updates in your mailbox.  We look forward to playing for you!


One thought on “Welcome Moonshiners!

  1. I am so totally into what you are doing right now. I too am in the beginning curve of walking upto a mic and taking a room with a song. I have been a singer all of my life…just never knew it was supposed to be on stage until this year. Love that feeling. It is what I was born to do. Would love to do a few duets if possible with your trio. We could be the Cdn version of Lady Antebellum for those 3 or 4 songs per gig. I don’t need any $, nothing, nada. Just want to sing and make people happy.

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