Moonshine Mollys are a Canadian Country female duo, Cassandra Smith and Breanna Nixon both have raised families and grown as artists together. Since 2020 they have shifted their perspective to focus on their journey as songwriters and recording artists. With the July 1st release of their single, TIME they are showing what they are made of. These strong women have a story to tell and will release their EP titled, TIME. It is 5 original songs and one classic favourite they could not live without. The music they are making is a reflection of their passion and lessons learned. Their goal is to make a connection with people through their music and stand up even when others don’t think they could. This project has seen various forms through the years but has only just begun with the connection of Nixon & Smith a mere four years ago. They intend on pushing boundaries and making music that matters. 

Our History

The group began in 2012 with Mitra (Kostomo) Evans and Denise Grey singing at church, when Cassandra Smith joined the group as the lead vocalist, they became the Moonshine Mollys. In 2013 the group released an 8-song EP Free As A Bird, with the lead single of the same name.

Rene Qualizza joined the group as the tenor with the departure of Denise in 2013. The group toured Vancouver Island promoting the EP; Sunfest Country Music Festival & Coombs Country Jamboree were a few along the way. At this time, MM started working with Indie Entertainment for management of the group, as well as vocal coaching.

Mitra (Kostamo) Evans left the group in 2014 to pursue a solo career. Ariel Lloyd joined the group with Mitra leaving. This was a time of building the group and working on the show, playing with the girl from the Femme Fatales. Also working on a side project, The First Ladies of Country.

Management made some changes in 2015 with Karis Gingerusty joining the group with Ariel & Rene leaving the group. Adding in members of the Femme Fatales, Sydney Needham on Keyboard, Kaylie Russell on guitar, Maddie Thomas on Bass, and Jona Kristinsson on drums. This group was a regular at the Queens and many local community events and festivals.

In 2017 came the growth of the group with Amanda (Usher) Hicks of Boondock. She played with the group for a short time over the summer of 2017 at festivals and events around Vancouver Island.

2018 brought another change to the Moonshine Mollys roster with Karis leaving the group for a teaching career. In came, Breanna Nixon, and the group continued to play regularly at the Queens in Nanaimo. Playing cover shows with the Femme Fatales and their own Moonshine Mollys band.

When 2020 arrived and all the shows were canceled, the group took a step back, with many wanting to go in different directions at that time. Moving away from Indie Entertainment as management into writing original content and recording new music.
Cassandra and Breanna have discovered a very strong connection and a love for writing and making music together.

2022 marks ten years for Moonshine Mollys which makes it very special that MM has completed a six-song all-original EP that is due to be released this fall 2022. July 1, 2022, marked the release of their first single, TIME.

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