Hi Everyone!

Exciting News!!! Moonshine Mollys are on the cover of Lazie Indie Magazine for February. If you have not seen it already, it came out just over two weeks ago, and the we have been hard at work writing and getting another single ready for release this Spring. It has been a great moment and we are taking it all in. Be sure to head over to LAZE INDIE MAGAZINE and read the nine page interview with loads of new photos of Moonshine Mollys. It is so cool and we want to thank Lazie Indie Magazine and our friends at Galaxy 107fm for the opportunity to be featured on the cover of a magazine accross the world.

Our friend, Sarah Dawe did almost all the photography for us, with myself, Cassandra as editor. The one photo in front of the barn is Ardianna Furlan’s photo work. Both Breanna and I are so very happy to be able to share this with all of you. We thank you again for following us and we are going to be doing things and making it happen.


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