Breanna Nixon Y’all!


Throughout the years Moonshine Mollys has seen many beautiful women fronting the band and for one reason or another have moved on to other projects. It is the natural progression of a band moving forward. Finding those who have a great connection and you just love singing together.  It has really been a metamorphosis through the year for the Mollys, with a lovely group talented women. I mention this, because for a good long while now, Breanna Nixon has been joining us in some of our performances.

Her and I have working on developing the act to bring you a kick ass show. She is a very funny chick, so we are getting on very well. She has a heart of gold and will do anything for you. That is definitely Molly Style!  We are excited to share with you what they have been working on, but are going to make you wait just a bit longer for our next show.  Because after all, things are better when you have to wait for them. At first we know it doesn’t feel this way, but I promise you will be happy with the final results.

Happy Molly Monday Everyone!  We are practising harmonies today for our weekly practice. I am so thankful to be working with Breanna Nixon. Please help me give her some love. xo Cassandra






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