Spring is on the way


We have been taking this nice crisp chilly snow-covered time to work on new harmonies and our show we give to you. As vocalists we are always growing and working on getting better. We have such a great team at Indie Entertainment, including West Coast Vocal Academy. The one thing you do not want have happen to you is to damage your voice in one way or another. So, proper techniques to grow and build upon skills are so very important. Along, with self-care during this cold and flu season as well. Taking time for ourselves, as moms is tricky, but to stay level-headed, focused and strong, meditation is such a powerful tool. Calming your system down and getting rid of all the outside distractions. So worth it and all you need is 10 minutes. If you don’t have your own meditations you love, just search it up on YOU TUBE and sit back.

I, myself can not stop writing right now either. It has become something I have to do daily, like meditation. It has become a way to express my inner most thoughts. Sometimes, these songs are so ridiculous when I look back at them, but they have served a purpose. They also remind me of some of the silliest things that happen in life. So, I keep pushing forward to become a better song writer. And, one day we will share these songs with you, when everything falls into place. Thanks for being with us on this journey.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Cheers, Cassandra

p.s. Thanks to Bev Yeomans for the photo of Westwood Lake above!



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