One Helluva Hoe-Down at the Queens!

We sure did have a great time with Indie Entertainment‘s One Helluva Hoe-Down at tHe Queens on Friday night. We sure did have a great showcase of artists in the early show with the First Ladies of Country being one of them. It has got to be the project that is the most fun. Dressing up like these amazing female vocalists and performers to showcase and celebrate their music. It was received very well from the audience with Dolly’s funny giggles to Loretta’s fancy white cowgirl hat. Then there was Crystal Gayle, performed by a new member of the Moonshine Mollys family, Breanna Nixon. The night also had our new shiny star at Indie, Stefan Crucil. He just won, Country Idol 2018. He graciously took Cassandra’s title with a smile. The night ended with some good old fashioned fun with our girls, Moonshine Mollys.

If we judge how the night went with how the crowd was on their feet dancing the night away… Then it was a good night to party! Good news is that Moonshine Mollys will be back at the Queens June 29th after another One Helluva Hoe-Down at the Queens. The line-up is looking real good, so we have been told. Don’t keep it a secret! Tell everyone you know that we are bringing country to town!

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