Great Moonshine Mollys Vancouver Island Summer 2014!!

Moonshine_Mollys_Sunfest-4041What a great summer we have had with Sunfest, the Island’s biggest Country Music Festival. It was such a pleasure to play on Friday in the late afternoon, then George Canyon and Jake Owen. It was a pretty great day! Our manager, Jona Kristinsson from Indie Entertainment was there to sing a fourth harmony here and there during the performance. Pretty Cool. Since Jason and myself were working the festival as the photographer team for Sunfest, I got to have the most amazing four days. I was so proud of the new band Mike Rykley, Zack Friend, Marisha Devoin, Mitra Kostamo, Rene Qualizza and Lastly myself for a great first performance. I heard from many a festival goer that they really liked us. I guess we are on the right track. Plus, we have some new songs! We are kicking it up a notch!

That is exactly what we did in Coombs last weekend. We had two shows one on Friday opening up the Coombs Country Jamboree. What an honour is was to open the show. We put on a great show for going first! It was so fun to do our new set for the crowd. They were a small, but mighty crowd, as more then a few lead singers did say! The Festival is in it’s second year with double the attendance of last year. It brought me back to my roots. Some great old country and new stuff. Some originals, but a lot of covers. The ones you know and love! They make you want to dance too. It is a really great festival to bring kids to, with the gated facility, large playground, concession, picnic tables, camping on festival weekend for $15 a night is pretty good. The music was really good and there was a great vibe. Especially in the beer gardens. We met a lot of really great people there this weekend and hope we can come back next year and promote VANCOUVER ISLAND COUNTRY MUSIC. Check out their website for all the acts. One of my favourites would have to be Lonesome 77 and Trio Grande. That lead singer, Sascha Gilbert has a deep smooth resonance, along with the stand up bass. LOVED IT!

A special thank you to Catwalk Fashions in Nanaimo for making us look so fabulous!

Thank you, Jona at Indie Entertainment for all her support and encouragement. Your the best!

Much love to Jason, my lovely husband for taking photos of us. Sorry for the watermark! Oops, it is already set up on my computer that way!

My best girl, Katrina at VK SALON for providing me with the means to look and feel great. Rock it out sister! Thank you.

Thank you to the new band of Moonshine Mollys! It has been a pleasure working with you this summer.

Have a look at our Facebook page to see more photos or subscribe to this blog for updates! More to come from us soon, Download the App Bands-In-Town to see when we will be performing next.





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