We are looking for some new wonderful people to add to the Moonshine Mollys Family.! This coming year we have some plans to do some performing and putting on shows. It is not just about us singing, there is quite a bit of work that goes on behind the scenes. And I am not talking about us doing our make-up and hair. I mean all the grunt work that gets people to know that we are out there putting on shows. We plan to go to festivals near and far to spread Moonshine Molly love!  It is really not fair that you Vancouver Islanders keep us here all to yourselves! We are looking for anyone who would like to do odd jobs or have a ongoing task to help the Moonshine Mollys Family grow.

Areas of need:

-Social media work, posting show dates, etc

-Merchandise attendants: At shows or events selling CDs and T’s

-Putting up Posters for events.

-Stuffing and Stapling Merchandise and promo goodies for events. (We like to give things away to fundraising events for auction or play at events for support of the fundraiser. It is nice to have goodies to give away at these.

We would like to have a list of people who would like to be a part of the family. Let us know if you are interested. Email, contact us on Facebook or call Cassandra at 250 739 0340

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