Want to a part of the Moonshine Mollys Journey?


We know it is not even halloween yet, but we are in the production of the Christmas Album. We will have it released for November 23rd at the Cedar Yellowpoint Artisan Tour weekend.

Our names are Cassandra Smith, Mitra Kostamo and Rene Qualizza. We are the Moonshine Mollys, specializing in three part harmonies in Country Music. We have a unique sound that draws people in whenever we sing. With the release of our first album, we sold out our Cd Release Party of over 200 people. We want to showcase your business with support of our Christmas Album. We have a huge sense of community and do a lot of charity events to help support local associations. We are looking to showcase local businesses this Christmas Season!

This opportunity to be a part of our Christmas Album is a very exciting opportunity. We are looking for businesses who would like to be featured by the Moonshine Mollys! .

It’s about creating a lasting relationship where we can build an audience together for your company. We believe that our loyal audience of followers will  support businesses we support by bringing you more business. We are committed to supporting those who support us, creating a strong community!


We will also talk about YOUR businesses at all of our shows

and we all know how much Cassandra likes to talk!

We take our sponsors very seriously!

We want to take care of you for taking care of us!

If you know of a business or organization who would like to take part in this opportunity, we would be ever so grateful.The commitment for Sponsors will be $100 for this prestigious position. Please contact Cassandra at cassandra@yeosmith.com or call 250 739 0340. Thank you.

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