Port Alberni Event

Here is the verdict for Saturday September 7th:

This Saturday I was asked to enter a singing contest at the Port Alberni Fair by the lovely and talented Shelley Beeston. I asked Mitra and Rene to come up with me and enter as the Moonshine Mollys, but now our Mitra has become ill. We have decided that Mitra should do her best to get better. I do love having my girls with me, but I am now thinking I am good to go if Mitra does not get well. Please everyone send her your healing energy! It is only two days away and she can not speak. I told her to drink a lot of honey, delicious local honey.

So, in other words, you will see me, possibly Rene & Mitra too! This Saturday September 7th at 5p.m. at the Port Alberni Fair grounds on the Community Stage.

Cheers, Cassandra

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