WE ARE STILL A BAND – Moonshine Mollys have not broken up. We are still together!

Woke up today, let the ducks out, and went for a run after dropping the kids off at ART camp! Met with a Bride to show her their awesome engagement photo. It was just a normal day around here. Then while picking up the kids, I got a call with that got me all riled up. It was the booking person from the VIEX. Where we were requested this year. Which if you are me, it super exciting. I love the fair. The call was to let me know that all the spots were full because he was told that we broke up because of Denise’s departure from the group. OH MY WHAT! Did I tell you just how much I love the fair!I got all emotional. I am such a girl , but we were looking so forward to performing on the MAIN STAGE. It sounds better when we are up higher too. The good news is that it is the 120th Anniversary for the VIEX and he booked us today. That is right VIEX 2014, the Moonshine Mollys will be playing. This is our first year in advance booking. I like the sound of that!

The other good news is that he booked us as the opening us for the Sunday headliner!! So, you will see us perform at the VIEX this year! We thought it would be a good idea to have a band for our performance. So, after all that fun stuff, I was on my way to Mollys practice where I met Kevin, our lovely new Geeeetar or Gitarrrrr or just a super awesome guitar player. We had a great practice and are looking forward to playing with him this weekend, Sunday at the Cedar Farmers Market at 11am. We need to get the groove on before the fair, where we will have a band with us baby. Also, next weekend August 26th we will be performing in the Indie Entertainment Showcase at Nanaimo’s Marine Festival between 1:30-2:30. That evening we are doing a private event: Howie’s going away dinner at St. Philip. So, you can see us a few places in the next little bit.

Today was jam packed then off I go to Indie Entertainment for a vocal lesson with Jona. A vocal lesson that she didn’t confirm, but she let me in still for a lesson. She is fabulous.  I am now creating a story in the songs that I am singing on Tuesday. It should be fun. Helps you sing it better and remember the song. This is something I am always working on. It is entertaining at times the words that come out of my mouth. Yet not so much at other times when you don’t want to at least say something.

Something else good happened today. I picked up a lens at a great price today for the super exciting weekend at SUNFEST being on the stage for every headliner of the festival. I don’t know how I am going to handle it. Is anyone else going to Sunfest? Can’t wait to see you there. That way I can photograph you for the SUNFEST TEAM! I am very happy to have been chosen to be a part of this team. Plus, they are so going to book us next year for the festival. I will already be there photographing the event, so why not. Plus we should be there. It is a country music festival and we sing country. Plus, they are just going to love me and how I represent the festival through photography. It will be my pleasure to showcase this amazing country music festival in our own back yard and sing at it next year. Goals are good. They move you forward.

Thank you for loving country music! Thank you for coming to see little ‘Ol Moonshine Mollys sing. Buying our CDs or seedys, as some people say. For your kind words. For your open hearts. We love you. And we love Donny at the VIEX very much! Thanks for giving us a scare and booking us too! Everything has to have some suspense or it just isn’t fun I guess.


Cassandra and the Moonshine Mollys

p.s. There may be typos. Some intended, others not. Thanks for reading.

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