What a day!

Today I got to see my boy’s baseball team come in second place at his year end tournament, where they played great. I am so proud of him for stepping out and discovering new talents he has.

I also got to see my Molly girls at the Miners Picnic, where we sang at the seniors tea unplugged. Then we were requested on the stage to sing, so we did just that. The Miners Picnic is a great event with a family fun event that is no cost. If you can believe that. There were horse back rides, then there is blow up slide also, plus so much more. Even cake and coffee. A little some thing for everyone.

It was so much fun to see so many familiar faces and many new faces.  Also we were asked to sing at the Troubadour concert series at the Vault downtown, so we will keep you posted. I will post photos soon. Just a little tired from the day.

One more thing, I am going be singing at Queens Hotel in Nanaimo on Tuesday night in the rock idol. Should be a good time. If you are up past 10pm on a Tuesday night please come out and cheer me on. There are points for audience cheer!

Happy Sunday to you. Cassandra

p.s. Remember to call your grandma and grandpa regularly. Time passes on. Xoxox

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