Thank You for all your love and support!


We are blown away by the love and support here is Cedar. We are so happy to have had such an amazing event this weekend, that sold out! We were really not sure how many people would come out, so when the place filled up it was really exciting. For our first CD celebration, it was so humbling to know that there is so much love from our friends, family & community! We would like to thank everyone for coming and it would not have happened if it were not for our amazing crew,


Moses Kostamo, Recording engineer & producer of our album!

Katrina Bergsma, hair, make-up, photography & MC!

James Moxley, set up, photography & clean up

Katherine Campbell, face painting & photography

Tammy Parfitt, Carly Magnus, Lacy Ebert & Maddy Parfitt, rocking out the Merchandise table.

Sonia Smith, Cake Decorator & baker

Bianca Kost & her friend Nickie,  beverage serves

BJ Goldy  & Shauna McCallister, the best door girls!

Jason Smith & Florian Shulz, Brian, Nigel &  Patrick, Security

Steve Adamson & Anthony from Harbour City music for our great sound!

Erica Defrane & 4H for the food services

Mitra Kostamo, Soprano & Musical coordinator, musical line-up & CD reproduction

Rene Qualizza, Alto & the creator of the light mood!

Cassandra Smith, Merchandise, marketing & design, (Yeosmith Studio)

Thank you to the our great line up of talented entertainers:

Braedan Marshall

Gavin McGonville

Kotorah Rivere

Gabrielle McQueen

James Wellmer

Jane Doe Band

Our Lovely Sponsors…

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