Verlyn Busch

Verlyn Busch is my good friend, Ellie’s dad. He is always up to something being silly and making everyone have a good time. When I asked him to sing at the CD release party he was more then honoured. I knew we needed a little or a whole lot of SASKATCHEWAN in our line-up. Since I, Cassandra am already in the line-up I figured Verlyn was a great fit! 
Here is what he has to say about himself when I asked him….
“I was born and raised in Sakatchewan, (from the north, not that flat part).
I grew up on farm with lots of cows,chickens and horses (no pigs, goats or sheep on our place).
For a long time we had only a radio to listen to (no TV, hard to fathom that) and if you weren’t into Perry Como or Hank Williams you sat around and listen to dad play his Hawiian guitar. We finally got a TV and the guitar went into retirement. Nothing much for me to do but get me one of those stringed instruments. So, I saved up my money, which I earned stackin’ hay bales all summer for a penny a bale and bought me my first guitar from the Sears catalogue, cost me $25.00. ‘Course MOM thought I was crazy spendin’ that much on somthin’ silly like that.  After gettin’ that new gem, I had to learn how at least make a noise with it, so I fired up my sisters record player (a phonograph machine) and commenced to puttin’ 45’s on and turnin’ it up. 45’s are discs a bit bigger that your CD’s, that you placed an arm with a needle on top let it spin and whow the sound that came out of that little box.
Everything was progressing pretty good ’til I got into some real raunchy Creadance Clear Water Revival music. My dad thought that satin had possessed me and could only listened to this kind of music when he was not around.By the time I had finished school I had progressed through the Beattles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppilin and finally progress back to my roots to country music.
Dad was much more relaxed when I finally was able to play along with some friends at my parents 40th wedding anniversary. And here I am today on the Island with my wife of 40 years, our two daughters, son in-law and four grand children.”
We are certainly pleased to have Verlyn and his experience join our line-up.

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