Winston Tea Company Sponsors Mollys

Winston Tea Company is a great local tea company offering a huge variety of loose teas. AND they are sponsoring us! They are located in Country Club Centre here in Nanaimo. You can find them on line at They are located to Country Club Mall, right next to Save On Foods.

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for tea


After considerable market research and analysis, our vision of creating the ideal tea store was turned into reality in November 2004. With business and administrative skills developed in other vocations, Winston’s Tea Company Ltd., was started by John and Judy Warren.

We perceived a need for society’s need to return to the old fashioned principles of quality, service and value, sorely lacking in the movement towards development of big box retailers. After two years of building our business in the Nanaimo trade area, we think our initial assessment and vision was correct.

We also found that the demand for high quality natural products that are not only enjoyable, but have proven health benefits, are becoming more commonplace amongst all segments of the market, especially the younger generation.

We saw the need to escape from the ever increasing pace of life, fueled by mega coffee corporations that thrive on today’s dash and go lifestyle. As an alternative, tea is a more contemplative beverage and promotes a healthier way of life.

Our mission is to offer the consumer the highest quality teas and herbal infusions from around the world, along with an array of complementing accessories that contribute to the enjoyment of drinking tea. We continue to offer more organic products as they become available and insist on our suppliers following fair trade and labour practices.

Within our store and on the internet, Winston’s offers the consumer an educational shopping experience and strives to become a leading supplier of premium and loose leaf tea.

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