Molly Mommys

First and foremost we are all four, MOLLY MOMMYS! Taking care of those who mean the most to us is so important. Family values are pretty important in the whole balance of life. Let me tell you, it is a juggle around my house with four lives going places!

Denise has decided to take a leave of absence from the Moonshine Mollys to be a what we all want to be A GREAT MOM! Being a mom is an important job. I know that Denise will be missed by us all. We are so proud that she was able to complete this CD project with us. We definitely understand completely that our children and family are the most important to us. We need to take care of them. We are hoping that she will find her way back to us one day. Until then, we send all our love to DENISE! We love you baby!


Hope you like the collection of photos of our last year together. And always be glad I did not share the studio photos of you drinking out of the bottle! See you soon. Cassandra & Mitra

With the vacant Alto spot on the right of me, it is certainly a blessing to have connected with Rene, as she is also an Alto. Let me tell you, she is working really hard to learn all of her parts, but we know that she will definitely rock out the pigtails at the release party on June 8th. Can’t wait to see you all. Let us know if you want to volunteer. We have positions.

One thought on “Molly Mommys

  1. What beautiful words Cassandra! All the best Denise. I will try my best to rock it out girls. Feeling blessed and honoured right now. sniff sniff LOVE LOVE LOVE Rene-the 4th Molly

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