Timbercoast Furniture Sponsoring

We are super pleased to announce that Timbercoast Furniture is one of our sponsors for the CD Release Party! Thank you Timbercoast.

Timbercoast Furnishings is a family-run business in Yellow Point, B.C. Our furniture can be customized to your environment at home or in the workplace, and we have the capacity to deliver on individual residential orders, as well as for large commercial operations, such as resort properties. Customized furniture pieces include couches, love seats, chairs, dining room tables, side tables, coffee tables, beds, etc.


Their Story:

“I am a longtime resident of Vancouver Island and have worked with wood for three decades. I am inspired by the spectacular natural beauty of Vancouver Island’s forests. I decided to make furniture because I wanted to create beautiful pieces of lasting value that wouldn’t end up in the landfill after a few years. I examine the woodgrain of each piece for markings that would bring life to my creations. The beauty, size, and strength of the trees are reflected in each design and are created using traditional mortise and tenon joinery.

Not all pieces look good with a carving but the occasional feature piece can be hard not to notice. As I have a love for First Nations art, it seemed the combination would be exquisite. So I sought out a carver that would compliment my ideas for furniture with his artistic talent. That is when I found Noel Brown, a member of the Coast Salish and Kwagiulth people who are renowned for their rich culture and artistic traditions.

So that’s my story – I do it because I enjoy it.” Lance Goldy

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or to discuss your furniture needs.

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