Hey Molly Lovers!

We know you all love us, some just don’t know it yet. Mollys Monday did not get completed this week or last. We have been busy Mollying around that we just did not get it done. Plus, Cassandra lost her studio assistant. We shall certainly have something for you soon. We hope you all had a great Easter!


We will hear back if we are singing at Sunfest in April! Cassandra can barely sleep thinking about it. If anyone is going, it will be a great time! We are just biting our nails in anticipation.  It is a pretty good size country music festival here in Duncan. Can you believe it? The little ‘ol Moonshine Mollys could be performing at the same festival as Alan Jackson! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Everyone send out your positive energy and prayers to make it happen!! We know you can do it!

A little news is that we are waiting to hear back if we will be opening a dance at the Coombs Rodeo Grounds on April 27th! It starts at 8pm and we will have 45 minutes to WOW you all before the headlining band ROCKS THE PARTY! We would love for you to join us. It looks like there is an event in the day, and I will keep you posted on that. Plus how much it will be to get into this dance and all that vital information!

Mollys will be “Hunkerin’ Down” Mid-April to get all the recording completed, so the album can be processed and ready for us to show off! Trying to figure out how many CD’s to order to make sure that you all get one, but that we don’t have a basement full of them. If you think you want one, you can pre-order to make sure you get one! We have a link on the site in the store, so you can do that. You will be able to pick it up at the CD Release party in June. We have had to move the date so that we get the venue we want, the sound guys, the food service. It all has to be just right for you all.

IF YOU PLEASE…..We are looking to do a SUPER-D-DUPER stage for the CD release party. What we are looking for is silk flowers. If you have any, please let us know at cassandra@yeosmith.com or call 250 739 0340. They can be any flower at all. It will be spectacular!! Thank you in advance for you assistance! 

We are also looking into having some of the best food Cedar has to offer for you all at the CD release party! Can’t wait to share with you who is going to feed you! Soon very soon. We just need to confirm and choose the menu.

The first single will be out very soon too! That too you will just have to wait for. It is all recorded and ready to show off, but we need to wait for approval on the download. 


Seafood festival in Ladysmith at Transfer Beach Amphitheater!

This JUNE:

Mines Picnic downtown at the park behind Nicol St McDonalds we will be entertaining all the families at this fun outdoor event. We have heard that is not to be missed.


Want us to promote your business? We are looking for sponsors for our CD release party in the way of prizes for our fans! We would love to post your logo on our big HUGE banner that will be at the party, plus feature you on our blog! Any help is good help!! It moves you forward! Thank you!

Thank you ever so much for supporting what we do. We appreciate your support!

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