Cedar Fire Fighters Cancer Fundraiser BEER & BURGER welcomes Moonshine Mollys


We are really excited to be invited to perform for the Cedar Fire Fighters Cancer Fundraiser BEER & BURGER! It is at Cedar Hall just outside Nanaimo and tickets are $15. All proceeds to go to benefit a fellow fire fighter who is battling cancer and we are so happy to be there to entertain everyone while they enjoy their burger and beers! Come out and support our community! We are sure proud to live a community that supports their own so much. Anytime there is something terrible happening to one of our families, we seem to all pull together to make it better for them. Well done Cedar!


Get tickets for this event at the Cedar Fire Hall on Yellowpoint road right at the junction of Cedar Road on the south end. You will hear the ROCKIN’ COUNTRY MUSIC RINGING OUT THROUGH THE HALL!!!



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