S M O K I N …. feelin’ a burn!


We had a Smokin’ recording session this week…. It is taking everything in us not to post the recording. We are pretty excited to get a little bit of the project done. Now we can apply for festivals….. Duncan’s Sunfest is on the list, plus the Ladysmith Days Celebrations, and the wonderful VIEX. We just would require a huge crowd to show up in the mid afternoon at the main stage. We really would like to sing on the Main Stage because it is more AWESOME then the community stage. Bigger is better in this instance! For sure. The main stage is away from the crowd at the main entrance, but even in the hot hot heat, there has to be a crowd… There has got to be a way! To bring those people over from the barns and the mid-way.

You notice that they don’t mind being in the sun over there, because there is something for them to do. I have been at so many shows where no one is dancing. WHY NOT! I say! DANCE DANCE AND HAVE FUN! Every time we are up on stage, we are nervous and trying to do our best to rock it out! It is so much better when people are dancing and enjoying themselves.

Building a stage show is an interesting task. Those who know me, know that I am very skilled in many ways, but not so much in the line dance area. There now is going to be some line dancing! Fun to watch, yes, but… we will see I guess! I have to do it so the audience is entertained. If I don’t, we won’t an audience, we will not get booked, and if we don’t get booked, I have nothing to write about, so and on and so forth. Just a a vicious cycle. A better cycle is practicing, working hard and showing off what we have accomplished by singing our bottoms off just for our lovely people. Just having fun!

Did you all see that Mitra Launched her blog for her TV show?

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