large.nnsotwHyE1UKDMZsRgBn2RUmsnfndn3SvjzSomvPxIEWe hope each and everyone of you had a fantastic Christmas! We all sure did with our families. We will keep you posted on what we are upto in the NEW YEAR! Much Molly love to you all…. We thank you for supporting us in our first year together.

We have been thinking of a fun catchy name for our fans… Let us know what you come up with below in the comments. Cassandra will be launching our new fan page in 2013 and we need a name.


For example here are some of our favorite groups:

Blake Shelton has the BC’ers Fan Club

The Zack Brown Band has the ZAMILY

Miranda Lambert has Ran Fans

Many others have their band name or name with fan club at the end, but we want to be a little different!! The person with the best name will get a little something special from us. We can’t say right now or it would not be a surprise!





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