Moonshine Mollys at Miss English’s Cottage

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We sang at Miss English’s cottage where Cassandra and four other lovely ladies, Tammy, Emma and Lacy came together to make this weekend a success. I think we were a fun addition to the day on Saturday while folks looked around at what we have created, they could listen to us Mollys singing. We did some covers and Christmas Carols, but my favorite is our new and first original song together.

People were asking this weekend where they could get the CD, the one we are working on. I January, we will get working hard on the album. We are really excited about the songs we have to record. Just knowing that these are our songs to record is pretty cool. In order to do this, we must get through the holidays and get things back to normal. As some of you may know, our house has sold, so I will be moving my photography studio and family to a new location, to be determined at this time. We are moving on December 7th, so it is busy busy busy. We are going to be celebrating the holiday season, maybe do some singing in my new kitchen!!

Please check us out on You Tube. Love us Molly style on Facebook. 

Thank you Miss MORIAH for singing with us!!


One thought on “Moonshine Mollys at Miss English’s Cottage

  1. Hey Mitra!
    Moonshine Mollys look and sound very good! Moriah looks very cute too.
    All the best for all of you!
    Eve from Finland

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