Mooooonshine Mollys in Cedar…

Tell all your friends, tell the whole bunch, that we will be at the Corn Roast in Cedar tomorrow. Here at Yeosmith Studio, my photo/art studio, I am creating a cool sign for tomorrow. Will be sure to share with you all when it is finished.  Plus, I did hear there is going to be a cow too!

THIS JUST IN…. Jessica will be joining us. She has been spending time at the studio and we have asked her if she would like for us to be her muse. This will give her that chance to play around with technique and have fun shooting. We will surely be showing off her artistry soon after the corn roast! Hope you can make it out to support our schools here is Cedar.

And… listen to us! We are pretty excited. Had a pretty great practice today too! Cheers to you all. Spread the Love. Moonshine Mollys, Cassandra

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