Moonshine Mollys at the VIEX, you say!

Alright People! I wrote this right after the VIEX and did not post it, so here it is….

The VIEX was a blast. Our technical difficulties were just a set back! We were warmed up and ready to go on and 10 minutes later the sounds fellow got it all set up. We did get Miss Moriah to step up and start the set off with Joy to the World. She was fantastic. Megan and Alicia had tech difficulties too, but sounded great! The talent that this Kostamo family has is crazy. Just wait until they are fully grown.

Our feathers may have been a little ruffled when we started the set, but by the end, I fumbled, picked myself up, had sweat dripping down my back, but I was smiling! I have been a bit of a hard sell. Opposing change for some reason. Not really interested in behaving myself. I get in trouble all the time from Jona all the time, but she loves me. What can I say?  She really does and she knows it. I just can’t be so bad that she makes me run around her house. I usually have flip-flops on so the tall grass is rough to run through on the side of the house. Or, so she says! I am certain all the lovely hugs! The response from the crowd was excellent. For those of you who did come out, thank you very much. We do appreciate that you come out to support us in what we are realizing that we love. Those of you who did not make it out, shame on you! Only teasing. You can come next time. We just love all the support!

As you may know, I was also in the vocal challenge this weekend. I did so well on Thursday night that I was on a high. Moonshine Mollys put on a great show Saturday with a few issues here and there. Of course you may not pick some of them up, others are more apparent.  The issue is allowing oneself to be relaxed enough to be vulnerable in front of a whole lot of people. The crowd was great at the VIEX. So many familiar faces and some new ones too.  All three of us love singing or we wouldn’t do this. The problem is we want to do our very best to entertain you all!!  Mitra has no problem, she is chill, she has been performing for years. She sings, plays the fiddle, and guitar. Come on really! She rocks! Oh  did you know she has 5 beautiful kids? Denise is our most important person. She keeps us in the alto. She is so fun to be around and keeps everything light.

We do  all get nerves when we are getting up in front of people! You know what it means when you get nervous, don’t you? Excitement! Fun! Me, I let myself get the best of me. I don’t allow myself to relax and just be. If I did, can you imagine what I could do? Any thoughts on how to just be relaxed. What calms you down? Do tell! Share with us below in the comment area.

On Sunday came the Vocal Challenge Finals and I seemed just a bit off. I am sorting out how to do all these things that we do as moms and jobs and and and… I think the long fair weekend took it’s tole. There is just so much to let go of and I did not let go of messing up lyrics.  I came in 4th and I am good with that! That is pretty good! Didn’t get my $500 check, but us Moonshine Mollys did get our first pay check!   It was for $1000’s! Always dreaming I am. One day soon. And each time I get on stage, which was 3 times this last weekend, I learn something new.

Like how nice the main stage felt on my bare feet as I sang. It felt nice! Let’s get on the Main Stage next year girls! We need your help too. When we get some of these originals recorded up in here, we will need you to request them!!! On JRFM of course, since there is not a country radio station over in this neck of the Islands. When I asked to cover country shows with my photography work, the radio station was not interested because they do not play country. There are quiet a lot of country folk who enjoy good ol’ country music. So why don’t we give it to them?

And for sure you will see us November 17th at Miss English’s Cottage on the Cedar Yellow Point Artisan Tour. So, you will have to check it out! There will be of course more before then, but we will just have to keep you posted.

….. This just in! We have some pretty cool stickers with the logo that we picked up at Gio Creative!


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