Marine Festival 2012

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The kick off for Naniamo’s Bath Tub weekend was a good time. We enjoyed the music of other Students and Jona’s newest Vocal teacher, Sydney. Hope I spelled it right! She is adorable! And she can sing! Loved seeing everyone be so damn brave. It is harder then one would think. You see singers up there really having fun performing and being in the moment. That is cool calm and collected my friends. We had such a great time. Being in public is always an interesting experience. All people want to do is here good music. All we are thinking is Rock on! Holy Moly I hope we do this great! relax, ya relax. Sure relaxing is easy to do right? It is a journey for sure for me, that is a fact. The sound of listening to your own self sing, when you love listening to others sing, yet can’t quite grasp sound of  hearing my own voice. Not sure why. I am suppose to get over it! Any ideas, Molly followers.
On that  Note we had a great time! Enjoyed those Tim Horton’s donuts after. I certainly enjoy the BC Lions Bavarian Cream Donut. I am not sure of the trailer company that had the nice trailer, that we photographed ourselves in! Will show you probably once I am back from my holidays. Mitra is editing the live video and will post it on you tube very soon. Like us on facebook and you will know the second that it is up! because you know you want to see it. My blue dress kept getting  caught in my boots, but it looked nice!


And the video is up on You Tube! I know you have heard it before, but we are trying to get everything together for our performance at the VIEX this year, august 18 at 4:30pm on the comunity stage over by the animal barns and food venders.

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